Pre-Primary Curriculum

Curriculum is based on holistic development of a child. Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence, Pigget’s Cognitive development theory and Montessori approach is followed to ensure to enhance skill required to develop a strong foundation of education. Maria Global Practices believed that moving and learning were inseparable. The child must involve their entire body and use their all senses in the process of learning. Using these equipments children will be involved in sorting, stacking and manipulating all sorts of beautiful objects made of a range of materials and textures. Teachers make a point to handle these materials slowly and provide ample opportunities to explore and learn. As children carry their learning materials under the abled guidance of teachers they feel like they are simply playing with games but actually they are learning in a brilliantly designed curriculum that takes them 1 step at a time and understand the concept at a stretch. Global Practices materials use real objects and actions to translate abstract ideas into concrete forms.

Lessons come alive with the help of smart class (Next Education Pvt Ltd) which gives students audio-visual exposure.

They are led into the essence of communication- the “Languages” through Jolly Phonics.

Activities are based on play-way method which helps children to enhance their multi-sensory and motor developments