Message from the Founder

RSM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is an institution where we look at creating lifelong learners whose unstinted efforts in upholding the core values and principles of this institution has brought this school to its present position of pre-eminence.
Change is the most potent force in our society today. A just and humane society can be achieved only through education. That education which is inclusive by nature - nurturing and safeguarding the child’s sense of self. True education lies in recognising and elevating these innate soul values of benevolence, forbearance and universal brotherhood.
Every human life has the power to lift not only itself, but also the collective consciousness of humanity. Let our lives be guided by this philosophy not only in letter but also in spirit.

Mr Ashok Bishnoi

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and students,
Welcome to R S Memorial International School.
“Education is the manifestation of perfection Which is already in man”
Swami Vivekananda

With this ideology, RSM International School focuses on spreading education whose essence is in the concentration of mind and not collecting of facts. We believe not to teach What to think but instead How to think.
Our school focuses on students’ Wholesome participation in curricular and co-curricular activities. we allow the child to not only learn about the world but to learn in it. We blend education seamlessly, to credit an active and engaged learning experience, which is unpredictable in any other school.
At all schools’ teachers and staff strive hard to enable a child to develop and hone their hidden and raw skills through practice and exposure to become not only exceptional students but also game changers. someone who understands how the world works and has the courage and compassion to make it a better place.
The hours spent here Ensure the proper well-being and happiness of each and every student of the school. The target is to Bridge the gap in the road to success where we are and where we want to be.
With the long and rewarding history of achievement in education behind us. The school community continues to be committed and move forward together with confidence, trial, and enthusiasm to live up to our motto. “Read Lead Succeed”

Dr. Swati Sharma