Welcome to RSM International School

The Riddhi Siddhi Educational Society has a motto to establish or run the school to uplift the country through education. We mainly want to promote the education system in rural or remote area through the best effort of our team.

The Riddhi Siddhi Educational Society firmly believes that the goal of the school is to educate each student academically to the best of his or her abilities and at the same time to provide opportunities for his social artistic and aesthetic growth . The achievement of this goal requires lot of hard works, sincerity, perseverance and a never say die spirit and members and staff at this society are honestly committed to that.

Our society provides its schools the best, well qualified, experienced, efficient, dynamic and trained faculty. It helps our students to acquire the expertise and knowledge to become a successful student as well as a successful professionals. what it demands in returns is their total co-operation, participation and enthusiasm.

“The aim of Education proposes nothing less than to build the ideal society of tomorrow by planning the cultivation of human resources today. As the artist works on canvas or marble to create new beauty, we at RSM work on minds to shape a better world for tomorrow”

We at RSM International School believe in team work. The children, staff and parents work together, guided by a common vision and set of school values. We have an unrelenting ambition to drive the school forward.

RSM International School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (1730584), India. We offer a blend of academic, cultural, technological and globally connected activities within a dynamic environment.

1. Shri Om Prakash President
2. Shri Ravi Borana Vice-President
3. Shri Ashok Vishnoi Secretary
4. Swati Vishnoi Member
5. Shree Retesh Burad Member
6. Shri Rasid Ali Member
7. Shri Mukesh Jain Member
8. Shri Vaibhav Member
9. Shri Piyush Sharma Member
10. Smt. Vani Jangid Teacher Representative
11. Dr. Shri A.P. Pandey Guardian Representative
12. Smt. Poonam Vishnoi Parent Representative
13. Smt. Rekha Female Representative
14. Divyanshi Vishnoi Student Representative
15. District Education Officer, Secondary Education,Jodhpur Representative


RSM International School, synonymous with quality education is a pioneer in mooting all-round development and to foster and all-round growth in its wards. It ranks among India’s premier co-educational day schools and has a history of excellence in providing education in the city of Jodhpur for over 7 years. It focuses on the holistic development of its students and provides each student ample opportunity to realize his unique potential.

Its proven track record for education is established by the number of branches and the long list of illustrious alumni who continue to be leaders in their own fields across the world.

 RSM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KHARDA BHANDU:- RSM International has a sister school, named RSM International School at Kharda Bandu, Barmer Road, Jodhpur. It caters to both Primary and Secondary education with Hindi and English Medium..

 RSM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, BILARA:-RSM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has the Junior branch of RSM International School and is located in the building at Railway Station Road, Near Axis Bank, Bilara and was formally inaugurated in the year 2014 . The school gained autonomy in its functioning .

 Shree RSV MEMORIAL NURSING COLLEGE:- Shree RSV Memorial Nursing College (SRSVMNC) is a Nursing college campus located in Jodhpur,Rajasthan. It is affiliated to Rajasthan University of Health Sciences.. The college has a private management. It is Shree RSV Memorial Nursing College (SRSVMNC) offers the courses like Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing). The college has its independent training and placement cell. The aim of Shree RSV Memorial Nursing College is to deliver world-class health care with a service focus by creating an institution committed to the highest standard of health care excellence in patient care and scientific knowledge & medical education from last 10 ¬¬¬ years. SRSVMNC is consistently growing and this success is due to the comprehensive care that is provided to patients from all over Western Rajasthan The Shree RSV Memorial Nursing College (SRSVMNC) provides good infrastructure facilities to the students and provides facilities of computer labs, and library. It also provides hostel facility within the college which would be fruitful for the students who live outside Jodhpur. However, students not admitted to hostel can accommodate themselves as paying guests (PGs) in any nearby area. The Shree RSV Memorial Nursing College (SRSVMNC) also offers transportation facility for students to reach the main campus. However, various modes of public transportation like bus, auto and taxi also enable students to reach college within a maximum time span of 1 hour from railway stations and airports.